Monday, October 24, 2011

Who Are We?

This is my Family.
This is my Heart.
This is why I work so hard and this is why I started this blog....

Because I know there are other's like me out there in our little community - who create amazing unique things, have special skills and talents and who are struggling to make it in this crumbling economy.

Without advertising - we are invisible to our neighbors. How do we find each other? How do we shop locally if we don't know the talent that lies within the homes surrounding us?

Did you know that your neighbor across the street makes Post Apocalyptic Zombie Slaying armor , costumes and props? Did you know that the lady you saw playing Superhero Ninjas with her three small children has her own Photography business? How about the old Veteran that sits outside on his front porch whittling wood all day...did you know he has breathtakingly gorgeous hand made wooden furniture he is creating in his garage? Do you have any idea that your favorite purple haired, pierced pizza delivery boy is actually an amazing Cellist who loves Bach and just made his first "Real CD?"

I bet you have no idea how much talent is walking past you every day.

I am starting this blog because we need this.
We need to support each other.
We need to shop local.

We need to tell the rest of the 99% what they are missing out on when they go to the mall instead of visiting our local shops, browsing our websites, checking out our etsy stores and noticing our little houses and apartments filled with hand made AWESOME.

I am Jen Owen.
I am your neighbor.
I am a mother of three and wife.
I am a friend and an advocate for our Veterans and Deployed Soldiers.
I walk to raise money for Cancer research.
I dress up like zombie slayers and run around old mental hospitals with my family and laugh with them - just for fun and memory sake.

I am a professional photographer and I love my job.

If you have a small business, offer services that you want people to know about... create art, music, jewelry, armor...anything...please email me at

Lets talk.
Let's tell the neighbors about you.

We are here.
We are Bellingham.

Buy Local - Jen's "Ear Candy"

This beautiful local Momma of two blue eyed boys, just happens to make gorgeous earrings right out of her own home and makes me wish I wasn't allergic to everything I try to put into those pierced ear lobes I suffered for when I was 10 years old!

She brought along a few of her favorites for me to photograph for her Etsy Store and her Facebook Page and I thought I would share some of them with you here on this blog so you can see some samples of her work and her knack for putting just the right colors and shapes together to really make these pieces pop!

Please remember her when you start shopping around for gifts this Holiday Season!
Jennifer Gibson (360.393.4139)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

La Luna • Massage & Doula • Buy Local Bellingham

Meet Lisa.

She not only gives fabulous massages (and knows how to get those kinks out!) but she also offers Doula services and infant massage classes. She is such a gentle soul and every time I walk into her office, my stress is reduced to half - just by her presence and before she even gets me on the massage table!

She has gift certificates and classes and if you give her a call or visit her website, she can give you more information about all of the wonderful services she provides for individuals and families here in Whatcom County!

Nico Lund • Artist & Musician • Buy Local Bellingham

Meet Nico and her amazing family (with husband Justin, daughter Vega and adorable pup Spiral) - and take a look at her gorgeous paintings and then head over to her Myspace page to listen to her musical talents solo or with her husband as a duo of pure awesome!

I met this crazy artsy family when our daughters were both attending preschool together and we were sad when they announced they had to head down to live in Seattle and move away from their home here in Bellingham and leave behind all of those of us Bellingham people that adore them so much - but they come back to visit once in a while and I want to make sure to include Nico in this Buy Local blog because she may live in Seattle now...but she IS BELLINGHAM.

Here are some samples of her work.

You can see more on her website.

(Lund Family...please let us know when you visit Bellingham. We miss you!)

JplusMdesign - Buy Local Bellingham

Meet Morgan and JJ. They are two very creative and artistic people living here in our little community who have a few business adventures they are embarking on and this is one of them!

If you send them a photo of your cute little baby, your puppy, your favorite hot rod, your Grandparent's wedding day, your favorite flowers...well...just about anything - they will turn it into some fun hand painted pop art for you!

You can find their shop on Etsy HERE - where you can have them make a custom order from your own photograph or you can browse through their "Still life" paintings and see if anything catches your eye or gives you inspiration!

Check out their shop and remember them when you start searching for the perfect gift for birthdays and holidays!

Here are a few samples of their work.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fruitloopgirl • Shari Gapp • Buy Local Bellingham

This busy Mom makes some pretty cool stuff! Ranging from hats and cup cozies to photo cards and more! Take a look at her Etsy Shop and see if anything catches your eye!

If you have something specific you are interested in but its not in the color you want - please contact her and she will do her best to create something that fits your personal tastes!

Here are a few samples of her creations!

CozyWozyBaby • Buy Local Bellingham

Local Mom and small business owner Jessica - makes beautiful "Cozy Wozy" baby blankets and fun items for baby showers! If you are expecting or know someone that is - please make sure to check out her local business and online shop before running to the mall to find that perfect snuggly blankie that will no doubt be loved well into adulthood (secretly of course.)

Shop and contact information:
Find her on Facebook